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African Horse Racing News Hub is the definitive destination for horse racing enthusiasts and professionals across Africa. Established by Dexter Marlowe, the website encapsulates everything you need to know about the vibrant horse racing scene on the continent. From daily race results to in-depth analysis and betting guides, this online platform provides extensive content curated by experts in the field. Our mission is to spread the passion for horse racing by providing timely, accurate, and comprehensive information that caters to both newcomers and seasoned bettors alike. Situated in the heart of Cape Town at the University of Cape Town's prestigious campus, we are at the crossroads of African horse racing culture and academic research.

Our Expertise and Offerings

Our content is meticulously crafted to ensure that it serves a wide audience, ranging from casual spectators to professional gamblers. The site offers a plethora of resources including detailed articles on upcoming races, profiles of prominent race horses, and analytical pieces on racing strategies. African Horse Racing News Hub also prides itself on its thorough betting guides which are designed to help users make informed decisions. Additionally, we cover significant racing events across the continent, providing not just results, but also commentary and historical context. The depth and breadth of our coverage are unmatched, making us a trusted source in the African horse racing community.

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Engagement with our community is paramount at African Horse Racing News Hub. We encourage our readers to connect with us through various channels. Our site is geared to facilitate user interaction with features that allow for easy access to the latest news and race results. We also offer a newsletter service where subscribers can receive exclusive updates and insights directly in their inbox. For more personalized inquiries, our dedicated team, led by Dexter Marlowe, is readily accessible via our contact information provided on the site. We welcome feedback and are always looking to improve our offerings to better serve the horse racing community in Africa.


Dexter Marlowe

Dexter Marlowe

I'm a seasoned journalist with a keen interest in current events. Based in Cape Town, I focus on African news, transforming complex stories into engaging narratives. By melding thorough research with poignant storytelling, my work illuminates the diverse tapestry of African cultures and issues.

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