Argentina vs Guatemala Match Live Streaming: How to Watch Messi in India, UK, USA, Bangladesh and Other Countries

Argentina vs Guatemala Match Live Streaming: How to Watch Messi in India, UK, USA, Bangladesh and Other Countries

Argentina vs Guatemala: A Clash to Watch Out For

As the world of football gears up for another thrilling clash, Argentina is set to face Guatemala in an international friendly on June 14, 2024. The match is being held at the FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, USA, a venue known for its electrifying atmosphere during sports events. This match is particularly significant as it serves as a final tune-up for Argentina ahead of the Copa America 2024, which will also be held in the USA.

Lionel Messi, Argentina’s talisman, along with his team, are in outstanding form leading up to this encounter. Known for their aggressive play and flair, Argentina is expected to field a strong squad. Fans worldwide eagerly await Messi’s magic on the field, as he continues to be a cornerstone of the team’s attacking prowess. Meanwhile, Guatemala, the Central American underdogs, will be looking to put up a brave fight against the football giants.

Match Timing and Venue

The match kicks off at 7 pm ET on Friday, June 14, in the USA, which translates to 5:30 am IST on Saturday for Indian viewers. The global nature of this friendly means fans across different time zones will have to mark their calendars and set their alarms accordingly. In the UK, the game will begin at 1 am GMT, while in Bangladesh, it will be streamed from 6 am Bangladesh Time on Saturday.

The FedEx Field is poised to witness a full house as spectators from various demographics flock to see their football icons live in action. For those not fortunate enough to witness it in person, extensive streaming options are available to ensure no fan misses out on the excitement.

Where to Watch: Streaming and Telecast Details

Given the enormous global fanbase Messi and Argentina command, arrangements have been made to broadcast and stream the match across various countries. Here’s a detailed look at where you can catch the action:


Fans in India will find it challenging to watch the match on traditional TV channels. However, they can stream the game live on the Fubo app and website, subject to subscription, starting at 5:30 am IST on Saturday.

United Kingdom

In the UK, the match will be available on Fubo TV. Fans can tune in at 1 am GMT to catch the live action. For those relying on streaming services, the Fubo TV platform will ensure a seamless viewing experience.


German viewers are in luck as the match will be streamed on DAZN. This platform has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality sports streaming, and this match will be no different.

United States

In the USA, viewers have multiple options. The match will be telecast on TNT and Telemundo, two of the leading sports channels in the country. Additionally, it can be streamed on the Fubo TV and Peacock platforms, offering flexibility for those who prefer digital viewing. The match begins at 7 pm ET.


While there are no TV telecasts for this match in Bangladesh, it can be streamed on the Fubo TV platform starting from 6 am Bangladesh Time on Saturday. Subscription to the service is necessary for access.

The Importance of the Fixture

The Importance of the Fixture

This friendly match is crucial for both teams but carries more weight for Argentina. As they fine-tune their strategies and gameplay before the Copa America, a win here would boost their morale and provide a psychological edge going into the tournament.

Messi’s role will be under the spotlight, as always. His form, leadership, and on-field decisions will be critical in dictating the pace and outcome of the match. It’s these moments that the fans cherish, eagerly anticipating every move and hoping for moments of brilliance that only a player of Messi’s caliber can deliver.

For Guatemala, this match offers an opportunity to test themselves against one of the best teams in the world. It’s a chance for their players to gain invaluable experience and showcase their talent on an international stage. The learning curve from such high-profile matches can significantly benefit the team’s future performances.

Anticipated Line-Ups and Key Players

While the final squads are yet to be officially announced, speculations are rife about the players who will take the field. For Argentina, alongside Messi, players like Paulo Dybala, Lautaro Martinez, and Rodrigo De Paul are expected to feature prominently. Each of these players brings a unique skill set, making Argentina a formidable opponent.

Guatemala, on the other hand, will look to its key players to rise to the occasion. Defenders like Moises Hernandez and midfielder Marco Pappa are expected to lead from the front. Their performance will be crucial in containing Argentina’s aggressive tactics.

How to Access Live Streaming Platforms

Accessing these live streaming platforms requires specific subscriptions. Here’s a quick guide on how to subscribe:

  • Fubo TV: Visit the Fubo TV website, sign up for an account, and choose a subscription plan. The platform offers a free trial period, making it easier for new users to explore its service.
  • Peacock: Similar to Fubo TV, visit the Peacock website, create an account, and select a subscription plan that suits your needs.
  • DAZN: DAZN operates on a subscription model. Simply head to their site, sign up, and stream your desired sports events.

These platforms are designed to offer a user-friendly experience, with clear instructions on navigating and utilizing their services effectively.

Fan Reactions and Social Media Buzz

Fan Reactions and Social Media Buzz

Whenever Messi steps onto the pitch, social media platforms light up with discussions, predictions, and reactions. Fans from around the globe take to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share their excitement, post live updates, and engage in football banter.

This match between Argentina and Guatemala is no different. The hashtag #ARGvGUA is already trending, and the buzz is palpable. Fan forums are teeming with discussions about potential line-ups, score predictions, and Messi’s expected performance. Such social media engagement not only amplifies the excitement but also brings fans closer, creating a global football community.


The international friendly between Argentina and Guatemala is more than just a match; it’s a spectacle. With Messi leading his team and a global audience eagerly watching, it promises to be an event to remember. Whether you’re catching the action on Fubo TV, DAZN, TNT, Telemundo, or Peacock, make sure you don’t miss this thrilling encounter.


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